Welcome to the Island of MIXfit Toys

It’s the place in Santa Fe where more inspired, individual early stage entrepreneurs congregate under a single roof, alongside well-established businesses and local services at a central city location.

Like the famous Island of Misfit Toys, the Santa Fe Design Center is where creative entrepreneurs are “independent together”

So get ready to explore one of our short brown town’s more industrial and spacious buildings when we punctuate the Design Center with phonic philanthropy of DJ PET.

As usual, you’ll be able to nick some no-cost nosh to tickle your tastebuds, but not-so-normal is the bad ass restaurant trifecta lined up to make you lick your chops: you’ll be pounding Pizza Centro New York Style, quaffing Cleopatra’s and canoodling with The Kitchen Window.

The full bar from Kelly Liquor Barn is coming at you courtesy of Initiate, Get Framed, Barber Shop & Artichokes and Pomegranates. As always, these fine Design Center businesses will drop the dosh for a free drink if you fill out the survey in advance at https://mixsantafe.com/survey.

The secret society known as the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce will be conducting arcane initiation ceremonies involving ritual scarification. Or, just promoting its membership drive and handsome benefits package. You’ll have to show up to be sure.

Meanwhile, the League of Women Voters will be handing out voting guides for the upcoming general election and Santa Fe Forward will be giving a new car to everyone who promises to vote.*

This month’s design by Aldo Vidrio.

As always MIX is a private party and YOU and YOURS are invited. Food and drink are first come, first serve. Park smart. Ride a bike. Take a walk. Support Design Center businesses. Stick around for dinner. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Live a little. No, a little more.

*What? It could happen.

Island of MIXfit toys Survey Results

I think MIX events are...

The following best describes MIX events...

A decent representation of Santa Fe | 42.9%
Welcoming to all | 39.3%
Mighty white | 7.1%
Privileged, elite and snotty | 7.1%
I haven't seen this many races and cultures together since that college recruitment brochure | 3.6%

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