MIX is back and we’ve got business with 2017 that involves busting out the very best of our small but bustling high plains, brown berg.

Run, walk, ride or otherwise wrangle your way to Rowley Farmhouse Ales this coming Thursday to join us for some advanced Home EconoMIX.

With particular people pushing the planet toward preposterousness, making, marching, maneuvering, manufacturing, materializing, meeting, marketing, memorializing, mastering, multiplying, managing, mapping, mingling and, of course, MIXing LOCALLY matters more than ever.

We’ve got a manifesto to drop and master plans to muster some mad manifestation around and we need your mind, your muse, your imagination and your madness.

Awesome housing that’s centered around quality of life, efficiency, affordability and people’s real needs continues to be a conundrum in our community. That’s why we’ve partnered with Homewise this year, to work on climbing out of this hole of heterogenous housing and helping ourselves to some collaboratively conceived cohabitational concoctions.

DJ Sato will sink some sumptuous sound into the sack of sinew and soul you share your space with.

Rowley will not only be reeling out its full array of beers, but will tap some tasty house brews for absolutely banging prince of bupkis when you take the time to fill out our survey (https://www.mixsantafe.com/survey) either online or at the door.

And you know you wanna grab one of those locally crafted Goodonya Pale Ales or a Saison du Sarlacc if you’re more, you know, discerning.

Not only that, but the onsite Farmhouse kitchen will be cranking out complementary comida in the form of Crawfish Étouffée and New England Clam Chowder…served a la minute!

Plus, ingenious interactive activity, crazy custom rides and radical new reveals. Expect to find old friends, make new ones, and stumble upon some solution-oriented stimulation, if ya know we mean.We want you! … To make this a party that produces progress!

Nick Mendoza will be memorializing the mostest of the MIXers with a newfangled invention called “photo-graphy”

This month’s design by Anaid Garcia

Home EconoMIX Survey Results

What lights up your list when it comes to livability? Select your top two priorities

What bomber business would you like to be closest to your crib?

Bodega or grocery store, because supplies, bro. | 35.2%
A beer hall or a bar because walking home is the key to safe drinking and a "local" builds community. | 28.4%
Smokin' restaurant for my busy but culinarily cultured lifestyle. | 14.2%
A general store because I always need a little bit of everything. | 11.4%
A gym, because fitness is a virtue and it's the easiest way to meet cute neighbors. | 5.7%
Other | 5.1%


Art studios

Way better coffee shops with good service and proper shots

A kool coffee shop

Coffee shop / sandwich shop

Stone yard


Any one of either a bar/pub, coffee shop, neighborhood diner. It makes a neighborhood feel like a community.

Food Event venue

In terms of housing, right now, I'm, like, ….

What are you actually most likely to use a garage for? Be honest.

Studio or workshop of some kind. | 30.1%
Homer Simpson says it's a "car hole" so I'd keep my car in it. | 25.6%
Recreational and sports gear with a few boxes of old bills and tax records. | 15.3%
Can I convert it into apartment and rent it out? | 10.8%
I’d run a business out of it. | 9.7%
I would profoundly fill the entire thing with incomprehensible American excess. | 8.5%

When we say: "living near Agua Fria and Siler," you think:

You mean in the booming neighborhood with Meow Wolf, a bunch of theater and performance companies, a makerspace, two breweries and any auto repair I’ll ever need? Sign me up. | 30.7%
I'd rather live downtown. | 18.8%
I'd rather live in the woods. | 14.8%
I need to see how the area develops over the next few years before deciding. | 14.8%
Add a park and I'm in. | 11.9%
I'm concerned about traffic. | 5.1%
I'd be concerned about...something else | 4%

What would concern you?

Crime, homeless


Not from the area so idk were that is. I'm from KC

Walkability, not really a neighborhood


The traffic is a downer. And it feels like a concrete jungle in a city that doesn't have much concrete. What's up with that? So, yeah. More trees, please! It's an industrial setting. That's what it was built for. Not so neighborhood-y

That my rent would go up 60% if I moved anywhere and I'd end up with less living space.

If we showered you with food, beverages, smart people and adoration, would you be willing to participate in a more focused discussion around housing?

Hells yes. | 61.4%
No. No, I would not. | 25%
I mean, what kind of food? | 13.6%

How many MIX events have you attended?

Tell us your age bracket--it helps us!


Zip Code

87505 | 38.1%
87501 | 29.5%
87507 | 16.5%
87508 | 5.7%
Other | 5.7%
87506 | 4.5%