Welcome to the most mind-bending MIX of the millenium!

Nothing is more exciting or more terrifying than…THE FUTURE.

This month, for its final 2013 event, MIX examines what comes next for Santa Fe with a blow-out, no-holds-barred, knock-down, blitzkrieg, bacchanal, rumpus of a righteous good time via the fantastical, forward-thinking, flabbergasting, and f***ing fun futureMIX!

The calm interior courtyard of the downtown DeVargas Center will be transformed, metamorphosed, hacked, and otherwise altered by the otherworldly talents of SFUAD set designer Chris Conard. It won’t be a mall, it won’t be sprawl, you won’t have to crawl, but you will have to see it to believe it all.

Sonically psychic sound waves will undulate unforeseen opportunities as emanated from the actions of Luke Carr and his seven piece mega ensemble Storming the Beaches with Logos in Hand and a DJ performance by electronic wizards Buddha Bass—no joke, these trusty track jackals are going to elegantly ease the future into your eager little earholes. Or else.

Freakishly futuristic foods will be FREE for the fondling from Santa Fe Bar & Grill, Atrisco Café & Bar, Treehouse Pastry Shop and Café AND Pizza Etc. That’s the kind of prescient and smoldering smorgasbord you can only get from futureMIX. We are talking pulled pork, tostadas, empanadas, sandwiches and, allegedly, something called canapés, which are presumably the food of the future. All of it in your mouth at NO cost. And, yes, vegans and vegetarians still exist in the world of tomorrow, so we’ll be serving you guys as well.

Devastatingly delicious drinks (and your first one is ON THE HOUSE if you fill out the survey at the door or at https://mixsantafe.com/futuremix-survey ) will be delivered by not ONE, not TWO, not THREE, but FOUR stunningly stylized bars crafted by Santa Fe Bar & Grill.

Count ‘em: That’s one bar for beer, one bar for wine and champagne, one bar for margaritas and one bar for MIXed drinks. Oh, Daaaaaaaaang. Badass bar partners include Southern Wine & Spirits of New Mexico, Santa Fe Brewing Company, and Camarena Tequila.

Everybody gets a DeVargas Center giftbook chock-full-o-discounts including FREE movies and/or FREE fancy coffee drinks, not to mention unmentionably mad offers from a great many DeVargas Center businesses.

But wait, MIXers! That ain’t all. If you join now, there’s a set of Ginsu Carving Knives and a whole bag of chicken waiting for you in the form of additional awesome add-ons:

Southwest Care Center is going to solicit solutions and offer up options for the future of wellness and health in Santa Fe.

Las Cosas Chef Johnny Vee is going head to head with Santa Fe Culinary Academy Chef Rocky Durham in a winner-take-all live salsa cookoff contest! You decide who gets the thrill of victory and who deals with the agony of defeat.

We’re going to style some lucky soul with the transportation of the future in the form of a 125 cc Kymco Agility scooter courtesy of Kymco USA and Centaur Cycles. Read that again: Someone gets a FREE scooter! Worth a couple grand, 75 mpg, CVT tranny, pulls an easy 60 mph, easy to park, can levitate over water, etc. YOU can haz this!

You’ll get to vote on the finalists for the Sense-of-the-Center St. Michael’s Drive Design Contest and curate the next cohort of entries for the Santa Fe Film Festival’s Shoot Santa Fe Pilot Project Contest.

Check out the results of Creative Santa Fe’s live/work survey and find out the future of downtown walkability.

PS, did we mention that ALL the candidates for the March 2014 city election who are actually SERIOUS about getting YOUR votes will be on hand to give you their no-bullshit* vision for the future of the Fe?

Get results from the recent Business of Music Summit around the future of nightlife in Santa Fe. BECAUSE THIS MATTERS A LOT and you can get INVOLVED.

Catch a glimpse of the legendary and locally-made film, Eve Angelic from High Definition New Mexico inside the immersive projection dome courtesy of Lumenscapes.

And cozy up to the sky-twisting projections of Blue Sky Footage on the outside of the dome.

Benjy Lucas will be providing arresting photographic images of the event.

Design has been sent back from the future via time machine courtesy of Fernando Gaverd.

Awesome volunteers include Ben, Elena and Katy.

As always, MIX is a private party and YOU and YOURS are invited. Free and sponsored drinks and food are on a first come, first serve basis–so get there early.

*MIX is unable to guarantee the precise degree of bullshit or lack thereof that you may actually encounter.

futureMIX Survey Results are in!