This month your bread basket comes with beats, bizMIX and big ideas as we bounce back to St. Mike’s and the tasty Tecolote Cafe hosts MIXolote!

Remember RE:MIKE? The radical revisioning of St. Mike’s in the form of an urban prototyping festival? If you don’t, you shoulda been there and if you do, you know that it’s businesses like Tecolote and institutions like SFUAD doing the quiet work of making it all come to fruition. Meanwhile, the city has remained hard at work and is preparing to stretch some civic sinew to inspire some innovative new options.

So join us in revisiting RE:MIKE while sipping on sassy Santa Fe Spirits concoctions and trying to talk to tout-le-town while your mouth is full of Tecolote.

Music mixologist DJ UNC will loosen up your limbic system with audio artistry. Check him ahead of time at or /

You’ll get a cocktail courtesy of Santa Fe Spirits on the house if you fill out our short survey, which you’re always welcome to do ahead of time at and the food is always free while it lasts.

MIX believes the future of the city as a whole and the vitality of its neighborhoods is supported by creative talent in the form of artists, entrepreneurs, idea generators and action implementers.

That’s why we’re pleased to present work by Strangers Collective  and a special preview of Outdoor Vision Fest and Quadstock, two of SFUAD’s signature events and talent showcases. But wait, that’s not all! Order today and we’ll add two young YouthWorks talents working their monster tips in a live open air spray paint demo,

Businesses looking to hire long-term or short-term talent should be on the lookout for SFUAD students ready to wow the workplace and budding entrepreneurs who’ve applied to this year’s bizMIX should come by and introduce themselves.
This month’s design daringly done by SFUAD Student Mariah Romero

Event photography will be by SFUAD Student Rebeca Gonzalez

MIXolote Survey Results

Which need identified during RE:MIKE feels most important to you today?

Affordable space for small businesses | 28.4%
Increased green space and pocket parks | 27.9%
More mixed-use zoning and residential development | 20.8%
Improved safety for pedestrians and bicyclists | 16.9%
Other | 6%

Would you consider housing in a commercial corridor above retail?

Where would you most like to see new residential development?

What do you most appreciate in a local eatery?

Quality of food | 28.6%
Affordability | 19.3%
Quality of service | 15.2%
Beer/wine/liquor availability | 10.7%
Casual dining and drinking with smaller plates and portions | 8.6%
Open for lunch and dinner (and maybe breakfast too) | 8%
Decor | 6.4%
Big ‘ol chowdown piles of food | 3.2%

As a result of a MIX event, I...

How many MIX events have you attended?

Tell us your age bracket--it helps us!


Zip Code

87501 | 52.5%
87505 | 31.7%
87507 | 8.2%
87508 | 3.8%
Other | 2.2%
87506 | 1.1%
87594 | 0.5%