MIX cooled off in the Santa Fe Art Institute Courtyard.

New faces and MIX regulars cooled down in the courtyard at the Santa Fe Art Institute-hosted June event, which featured delicious food, refreshing cocktails, great music and, of course, the culmination of the BizMIX competition.

The crowd feasted on Zacatecan treats from La Cocina Doña Clara (be sure to follow-up by visiting Doña Clara at either the Airport or downtown location). The food was enhanced by the Santa Fe Spirits-sponsored cocktail. Thanks, of course, to the Cowgirl for its hosting of the evening’s bar.

Newcomers to the campus remarked on the awesomeness of the courtyard and facilities—designed by Ricardo Legorreta. The indoor space was equally filled, as visitors checked out the amazing Nancy Holt exhibition.

And, yes, moves were had, thanks to the great music provided by DJ ‘jaro.

Sattva Ananda (right) and John Cross from The Way We Grow during the cash award ceremony at MIXterpiece.

Last, but not least, the final line-up for the BizMIX competition was announced. All 11 finalists received recognition and various forms of free consulting and business services. The four cash winners were:

The Way We Grow: $5,000

Betamapper: $2,500

Pants Off: $600

Soapbox Kids: $600.

Congratulations to all the participants, and thanks again to the MIX crowd for a great evening.

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